January 04, 2019 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM

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12 PM AEST (Melbourne & Sydney)

Join our panel of first-hand witnesses as they share their miracle stories and discuss:

° The nature of miracles – are they divine, man-made, ordained by fate?

° Can miracles happen to anyone or are some people more special and chosen to receive them?

° How can we become aware of the more subtle miracles, the ones that appear and develop over time?

Hi I’m Kali from Sydney Australia and it was in 2007 that I was drawn to Reconnective healing and began my journey after seeing a brochure….I then got the book and I just knew I had to learn it.  It find you I think…that’s the exciting things about this and I could definitely feel something different in this type of healing work and in the process of learning I experienced some major shifts within myself and my life path, During my sessions and Reconnection and the training with Dr Eric Pearl in Sydney.

So I really like to consider myself a facilitator to help people reignite their own personal power to achieve balance, health wellness in body mind and spirit and live life to their greatest potential. And from 2011 to 2016 was a part of the teaching assistant team and Reconnective Kids facilitator and just loved teaching the kids workshops, it was very special and maybe even opened my eyes even more to the childlike awe and wonder and of what possibilities await when you step into that space …. A space where you open yourself up to miracles….. and since we are discussing miracles today and got me thinking about what does that mean to us?  Are miracles a misunderstanding of nature?  Mind over Matter?  A Product of divine intervention?

It made me look further into the history of the word itself… a Latin work Miraculum from Miror – (which means to wonder or marvel at) so miracle is a wonder, a marvel a strange or marvellous thing.  Strange, or being something you’re not expecting, out of the ordinary.

To marvel at something is to be in awe of it.

So this ‘wonderfulness’ and ‘marvellousness’ really makes us think about how and what we create when we call something a miracle.

“it’s an event that appears inexplicable be the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin, or an act of God/source/intervention”

“Miracles are spontaneous and cannot be summoned but come of themselves”

Now that is really really cool, because when you step into this healing work (for example) you’re not choosing, not directing you’re not taking medical histories, …..a client may experience healings/transformations on all different levels.  A shift could be spiritual, emotional, mental, physical…..it could be reaching levels of us that we’re not even aware of and reaching parts of us that we didn’t even think could shift or change or heal… let alone we even knew existed!

So if you step into this work, and I’ve experienced this in many years of training, seminars and clients that the spontaneity of this, of something of that higher intelligence is knowing what you need is so much more powerful that we can summon or attempt to summon or try and direct.

So a miracle is not explicable in natural or scientific laws so are they a misunderstanding of nature? If it can’t be explained by these laws I think we find that such an event maybe attributed to a supernatural being, magic, a miracle worker? Are miracles just something that are not following the laws of the limits of our understandings? If we can accept, consider …. That there is something beyond those limits, do we all have the potential to be miracle workers?

If you are in a space of awe and admiration, in wonder or in marvel (of something)…is that observation then creating a miracle, as they were some definitions of miracle?

Can we create miracles everyday by stepping into the possibility of things happening without following the ‘laws’? or the rules that we’ve been taught?  So another way of describing it here is an extremely outstanding or unusual event.  An accomplishment even. 

One key thing I always did with this work was in Dr Pearl’s book (part where he gets some advice) simply just remain childlike…

Being in a childlike space were you stepped into a brand new playground every time and you don’t what rides are there, what could happen, or what you could discover.

When a client invites you into that equation….you can’t not be in awe and when something happens that was possibly considered impossible before…have you stepped into a space of possibility by allowing something spontaneous to happen that’s beyond what we’d imagined before?…..

And is this day and age of medical advancements and technological health devices, the occurrence of a healing or an event that defies logic produces equal amounts of wonder, even confusion and sometimes disbelief. 

The term mind over matter is used a lot these days…..is that mind a higher mind of you? Is there an intelligence that we accessing?  Is it that we can step in and invite the spontaneous to occur and is that a higher mind choosing the thing that has ‘mattered’, the manifestation of the problem.

I’ve seen many people (without me having any knowledge of problems, illness, imbalances) so the beauty of stepping in the space with somebody where we’re allowing spontaneous miracles, this could be anything…..a marvel, a wonderful a magic, a healing event that’s contrary to ‘laws’ to established laws

It could be called an amazing, a marvellous example of something beyond…

When you step into this space with this work, when somebody has decided to step into that space and expect something, receive something ‘else’ but not summoning something in particular…is that a product of divine intervention….is that the divine of the client…is that the divine of the person, is that their higher self saying:

‘yes…..there more possibilities here….…if you’re willing they can present to you a miracles”

I’ve witness shifts and healings in people and myself were physical and emotional problems by disappear  “ I’ve had this thing, problem ….now it’s just gone”

Was this a point in time where she was allowing herself to expect a miracle? …which, could it be quite possibly……… …..something outstanding, a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly?

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